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Keeper of the Beat was the "smash hit" at the Mill Valley Film Festival!

— Kelly Clement, Documentary Programmer, Mill Valley Film Festival
Barbara's acclaimed percussion play - airs
in March on PBS throughout the Bay Area


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Keeper of the Beat Laurels

Spotlight News!

We are delighted to announce that MVD Entertainment, one of the country’s most experienced and respected distributors of music documentaries, has picked up “Keeper of the Beat” for distribution to many digital platforms. They will launch the documentary with beautifully designed ads in key publications like Video Librarian, in late August, 2019. We are currently fundraising to cover this important expansion of our distribution.

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Our trailer (below) has been updated! Be sure to take a look!


  Barbara Borden: Keeper of the Beat
A Woman's Journey into the Heart of Drumming
is an hour-long documentary in which Barbara Borden, an acclaimed drummer, composer and teacher tells her story in eloquent words and toe-tapping music. It showcases the unfolding of Barbara's identity as she grows from a little girl in love with drumming to a world-class percussionist practicing "drumbeat diplomacy." Filmed on four continents, the film is produced and directed by three-time Emmy Award-winner, David L. Brown.

Robert Render Harrison, CineSource Magazin

arrow Video clip of Barbara Borden’s Hearts on Fire Band.

the beat goes on

Audience Responses

“Keeper of the Beat is exquisite on every level. Barbara’s talent and joy swept me up in a wonderful musical experience that lifted my spirits sky-high.    
    - Christopher Beaver, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker.”

“This uplifting and entertaining movie does a wonderful job of capturing Barbara’s warmth, talent and contagious spirit. It will not only be welcomed by an international music-loving audience, but also by all those who yearn for a more peaceful, harmonious and compassionate society.” 
    - Anna Halprin, Pioneering Dancer, Choreographer

“What a triumph!!! Keeper of the Beat is so joyous and moving! I loved the music and the personal and cultural history woven throughout. And the beauty of your journey, your own being shining forth with so much clarity and joy. And to see how your work continues to move out into the world, touching so many people with healing and inspiring new generations of girls to drum!”
    - Jennifer Berezan, Singer/Songwriter

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