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About Barbara Borden's Hearts On Fire Band


    Barbara Borden and her Hearts On Fire Band

For many years, Barbara has wanted to start her own band. Growing up loving jazz and big band drumming, she basically discounted rock and roll, even when the amazing San Francisco bands of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s were flourishing. But over the last few years, she has fallen in love with rock music not only for its driving, infectious rhythm, but also for its song writing potential.

Inspired by David L. Brown’s request to assemble a few of her musician friends for a concert to film, Barbara formed the Hearts on Fire Band. Featured artists in the band’s debut Mill Valley concert of October, 23, 2010 are: Barbara Borden - drums, vocals and percussion: Tom Finch – guitar, backup vocals; Rob Fordyce – bass, backup vocals; Deborah Winters – backup vocals; long time friend and collaborator, Sheilah Glover – keyboards, backup vocals and musical director; and to top it off, Sheilah’s daughter and Barbara’s protégé, 13-year-old Lotus Belle-Glover on drumkit. Watch the video on the right to see and hear Sing Sing Sing from their rousing performance.


I knew Barbara was a great drummer who had drawn from all the great drummers in the jazz tradition like Art Blakey and Max Roach, and that she could play anything on the drums, whether it’s a trap set or hand drums. But I hadn't seen her put together a real rock and roll band with electric guitar, keyboards and electric bass. It surpassed what I had imagined when I heard she was planning to play rock and roll. I was blown away by this band, the bass playing, the guitar solos and the fact that everyone could sing - it was beautiful. That version of ‘Sing Sing Sing’ with the drum solo and Lotus joining her was fantastic! The show was a wonderful survey of music that literally embodied a life in rock and roll. It was thrilling!
Derk Richardson, — Music Critic, Host on KPFA

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