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Keeper of the Beat was the "smash hit" at the Mill Valley Film Festival!
— Kelly Clement, Documentary Programmer, Mill Valley Film Festival


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Barbara Borden Photo 1
Photo: Irene Young

Barbara Borden Photo 2
Photo: Irene Young
Barbara Borden Photo 3
Photo: Irene Young
Barbara Borden Photo 4
Photo: Irene Young
David Brown Photo 2
Photo courtesy of David L. Brown
Alive alive Barbara and David


Articles - Keeper of the Beat

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Radio Interviews

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arrow KZYX Radio (Mendocino, CA) – Interview with David and Barbara


Articles - Barbara Borden

She Dares To Drum - An Autobiographical Music/Theatre Piece,
Performed By Barbara Borden

Reviews from the Critics...
She Dares To Drum is an 80-minute 'percussion play' about the making of a woman drummer in America, and a tribute to the mother who nurtured and embarrassed her...When Barbara Borden finally speaks, her words are also instruments of percussion…Borden makes you feel that the world is her drum... She's a personable and engagingly open narrator as well ...Borden interweaves her life story with eloquent percussion passages."    
↑ up --- Robert Hurwitt, SF Examiner      

Beauty In The Beat - Express - The East Bay’s Free Weekly November 8, 1996 Marin drummer Barbara Borden spent eight years in the all-woman jazz band Alive!, and since then has given percussion concerts and workshops on themes fromempowerment to feminism and spirituality, and created a series of drum albums that give “New Age” a good name.  Recorded earlier this year in a San Francisco studio, Beauty in the Beat is Borden serving a one-woman drum orchestra,..

The Drumminng Goodesses - A new generation of women percussionists celebrates rhythm and the drum, in spirit and musicality - New Age Voice Magazine
June, 2000
Fifteen years ago, if the average person on the street were asked to describe New Age music, he or she would probably try to explain the sound of George Winston, Steven Halpern, or Kitaro.  Soothing, atmospheric, ambient, relaxing -  these would be the words used to try to capture the feel of New Age.  An unsympathetic listener might also accuse the music of being boring, monotonous, unmelodic – and lacking a beat.

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Barbara Borden’s Hearts on Fire Drummers - 23 Club, Brisbane, CA
Photo: Irene Young

Secrets of Healthy Aging - May 5, 2006
Healthy aging involves both body, mind and spirit, not just visiting doctors and taking prescriptions, seniors who jammed a health forum were told Thursday. "As a society, we used to believe that something outside of us can fix us," said Dr. Neha Sangwan, a physician at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Walnut Creek. "Now, people believe in self-care - everything that happens in your mind affects your body, and everything that we do with our bodies affects our minds."

Articles - David Brown

Ride of His Life: 'Of Wind and Waves': A filmmaker pays tribute to surfing legend Woody Brown, who still hangs ten - Woody Brown is 94 years old and he still surfs. Seven or so decades ago, he learned to fly and hung out with Charles Lindbergh. Between then and now, he was on the vanguard of big wave surfing and he is revered as the Babe Ruth of that sport by today's practitioners, including Laird Hamilton. He has also written two inspirational books, is the patriarch of a mega-large family and is the subject of David L. Brown's film that makes its Bay Area premiere tonight.

Seniors for Peace activists are ready for prime time - Sunday, March 28, 2004
If you were foolish enough to point out that he might be in the autumn of his years, Rolly Mulvey, 76, would snort. "A lot of people think seniors get up, eat breakfast, read a book, eat dinner, play bingo and go to bed," he said. "We don't do that."
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Gliding Into Old Age: Surfing documentary shows elderly folks still ride the waves -
Roy Earnest still remembers the winter day 13 years ago when he stood on an overlook near his Pacifica home, watching a 45-year-old, gray-haired friend surf choppy, 5-foot waves. Two 10-year-old neighborhood boys stood nearby, laughing at the surfer. "You know how old that guy is out there?'' one kid asked the other. "He's as old as my dad. He's 45!''

Surfers Ride the Age Wave: Film seeks to break myths of aging by focusing on older legends of the "sport of kings' - Tuesday, January 7, 1997
Let's face it: In America's youth-oriented society, getting old is about as sexy as Freddy Krueger in drag. It is also, to some, a lot scarier. People flee its relentless pursuit - sometimes to the nearest plastic surgeon - as if were some kind of horrifying monster haunting their dreams of immortal youth. That's why Roy Earnest and David Brown - local producers of the movie "Surfing for Life" - have set themselves the goal of trying to unmask the demon. In their hourlong documentary-in-progress, they seek to shatter the stereotypes associated with aging by using one of the world's most youth-identified sports.
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Photo: Irene Young

Photo: Irene Young

Photo: Irene Young

Photo: Irene Young
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