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Your donation will support the distribution launch and the editing of the broadcast version, KEEPER OF THE BEAT: A Woman’s Journey Into The Heart Of Drumming, for Television and Theatrical Release. DONATIONS MADE TO SAN FRANCISCO FILM ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.

Making a donation is quick and easy...

OPTION 1 (Not tax-deductible)
Donations through PayPal
(No paypal account required)

STEP 1: Select a donation level from the list below or item #8, "Your Choice."

STEP 2: Enter the donation amount in the form below and click on the Donate button. Follow the steps on the PayPal website

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OPTION 2 (tax-deductible)
Donations through our fiscal partner,
San Francisco Film

STEP 1: Determine your donation amount (See list below.)

STEP 2: Click on the Donate button below to go to our Fiscal Sponsor partner, San Francisco Film.

STEP 3: Enter the amount of your donation on the Contribute form and follow provided instructions.

OPTION 3 (Tax-deductible donation by check, payable to San Francisco Film)
San Francisco Film • 39 Mesa St, Suite 110, The Presido • San Francisco, CA 94129
IMPORTANT: Be sure to include Keeper of the Beat in memo of your check
and address envelope ATTN: Financial Dept.

1. Heartbeat of Life - Special seating at premiers and receptions, 5 each autographed DVD’s/CD’s and KOB DVD & Poster $5,000
2. Heartbeat of Sustenance - 5 each autographed DVD’s/CD’s & 1 each KOB DVD & Signed Poster   $2,500
3. Heartbeat of Happiness - 4 each DVD’s/CD’s & 1 KOB DVD $1,000
4. Heartbeat of  Peace - 3 each DVD’s/CD’s & 1 KOB DVD $500
5. Heartbeat of Harmony - 2 each DVD’s/CD’s & 1 KOB DVD $250
6. Heartbeat of Yes - 1 DVD/CD & KOB DVD $100
7. Heartbeat of Yes - 1 KOB DVD $50
8. Heartbeat of Your Own Making Your Choice

All angels contributing $10,000 or more may receive a producer credit on the television broadcast film and all DVDs.

All those contributing $500 or more will have name in film credits.

(Please indicate if you would like to remain anonymous)


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